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 - Knee that is painful and swollen.
 - Hurting Elbow.  
 - Pain in the Hands, Wrists, swollen Fingers.
 - Pain in the Shoulder.  
 - Stiff Neck.  
 - Hips discomfort…  

  Discover ways to protect yourself from
  arthritis pain, inflammation, overuse
  injuries and much, much more..

How to Live Your Whole Life
Arthritis pain-free

The Best Mineral Home Care You Are Ever Going to Use 

This is the newly revealed mystery of keeping great flexibility, day after day, year after year, with no extra effort.

If you want to get stronger—forget older!—this is the most powerful secret: start using DeepSea Gold™ golden cream now. Not available in stores.

Remedy for all the pain, aches, stiffness, inflammation in joints, shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, fingers, hips, knees, feet/ankles, and muscles.

DeepSea Gold™ pain relieving remedies are comprised of minerals and microelements derived from the deep sea waters. The minerals come as a complex combination similar to the balance of minerals found in the blood and a healthy human body. Recent research has demonstrated that minerals are vital in treatment and prevention of various diseases and injuries, including arthritis, rheumatic age-related disorders, and dermatological diseases, like psoriasis and eczema. 

DeepSea Gold™ medications demonstrate diverse mechanisms of pain relieving and healing. They promptly penetrate the skin and move into the body tissue. From within the remedies help to restore the body’s processes to their normal way of functioning and combat pain, restore and maintain optimal physical health, promote longevity, and prevent chronic disease.

PAIN EXTERMINATOR™ – Twice as STUBBORN as Arthritis Pain  

bottleAn outstanding external remedy for relief of aches and pains, for treating painful conditions of arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, gout, pain in joints, backache, sport injuries (tennis elbow, jogger’s knee, etc.), sprain, strain injury, and muscular rigidity. It rapidly eliminates inflammation and swelling, promotes speedy healing and discoloration after bruise, cut, or abrasion.
PainExterminator™ promptly penetrates the skin and advances into the tissue. The highly concentrated ointment restores the body’s processes to their normal ways of functioning to combat illness, restore and maintain optimal physical health, promote longevity, and chronic disease prevention.

Active Ingredients: Magnesium, Bromide, Potassium, Iodine, and Sulfur in a base of natural salts, trace minerals, microelements, and ions derived from the deep seas.
* For adults and children over two years of age.
* Apply a conservative amount to each painful area and allow drying.
* 20-30 minutes after application (depending on amount applied) the remedy fully penetrates the skin into the tissue, and a thin, dry film remains on the skin. It can be removed with a slightly damp paper towel, and repeat the application in time if needed.
* Don’t apply to open wounds or irritated skin.
* Wash hands, guard the eye area. If by accident medication gets into the eye, it causes a burning sensation. In such a case flush with water.
* If a night application is desired you may want to put a liberal  amount of the remedy on the injured area, wrap it first in a  piece of plastic cling wrap and then cover it tightly ( but not too tightly ) with a woolen cloth or towel. By so doing you will 'sleep-the-pain-off’.
* PainExterminator™ works fast. Relief from pain may be experienced just after one application. However, the degree of relief may vary among individuals and depend on condition severity: swollen or inflamed joints may require a longer treatment period before full relief is attained. At a progressive stage of a disease, pain may recur when treatment is prematurely discontinued; in such a case the treatment should be resumed.

Buy DeepSea Gold™ - Pain Exterminator™ Now

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  S&H: $4.00
Please note, due to an overwhelming customer response we are now in the process of obtaining more material supply for this product, since the recent availability is inadequate. Customers who are in pain and have urgent need for the product are given priority in shipping.

 Why DeepSea Gold™?   

arthritis seen in body parts

Because the curative power of PainExterminator™: 

  Ends the cycle of pain and aches and keeps pain away
  Diminishes inflammation and eliminates swelling
  Neutralizes joint-harming free radicals
  Promotes healthier cartilage
  Improves joint lubrication
  Reduces stiffness and enhances flexibility
  Promotes greater mobility and comfortable muscles
  Heals sport injuries, and post surgery scars
  Fights Arthritis, Rheumatism, Bursitis, Strain, Sprain,
  Backache, Repetitive Strain Injuries,  Bruises,
  and Dermatological diseases (psoriasis, eczema) as well  
  Heals your Knees, Shoulders, Elbows, Forearms,  
  Wrists, Hands, Fingers, Hips,   Feet/Ankles, and Muscles
The Amazing Painkiller in a Jar used by Doctors Themselves and Those who don't want Invasive Surgery

Arthritis pain and inflammation vanish! Shrinks swollen joint!

Dr. Allan Jecobs, MD: "Thanks for your resent shipment of two jars of DeepSea Gold. My wife and our friend are using it, as well as my mother."

Opinion of Rheumatologist, MD: "...patients with rheumatoid arthritis benefited greatly..."

"...DeepSea Gold™ dramatically decreased inflamed synovial tissues..."

Life without pain is completely  different—it’s a lot better!

Male, Female, Young, Old: Everyone is better with DeepSea Gold™

You will be happy or we'll buy it back. For full price, within 30 days Guaranteed!

guaranteed results
Testimonials In Their Own Words

No more pain

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left toe. I experienced strong pain and was reduced to limping. Medicine prescribed by doctors and taken orally was of no help. Neither was the pain killing shots. Then a customer of mine suggested I try DeepSea Gold. The day after I had used it for the first time all the symptoms started to disappear. A few days later I was completely well again. I have been so lucky!

- John Z., Queens, NY

Pain and arthritis all gone

No French woman will ever tell you her real age but…your medicine saved me from a lot of trouble, and I owe you a courtesy. I am in my middle fifties and was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees. Pain was more annoying than severe, but this was not what scared me. I was frightened by arthritis because of my family history. My late father got the very same problem when he was about sixty. In a few more years arthritis in his body spread all over, he was reduced to limping and finally found himself in a wheelchair. I envisioned such a future for myself, and it made me very unhappy, since the medicine I was prescribed helped only a little and only a short period of time. One lucky day I was having lunch in Paris with my younger friend from the States. She asked why I looked so unhappy, and I shared my fears with her. She said that she never traveled without a small amount of a special cream that she uses in case of injury, and that she knew it was supposed to help in case of arthritic pain. I used a bit of that cream that night, and then received some more from America. I used only a small portion, and the pain and arthritis were all gone. I still keep the leftover and use it rarely, just in case.

- Marie-France P, Paris, France

Opinion of Rheumatologist, MD

I have shared this new product with many of my arthritis patients. Amazingly enough, patients with rheumatoid arthritis benefited greatly, even when our more conservative and standard therapies failed. I have seen in some cases that intra-articular steroids failed, and DeepSea Gold™ proved beneficial. It dramatically decreased inflamed synovial tissues. I would be more than pleased for you to use my name and quote me regarding this product.

- Dr. Allan Jacobs, MD, New Jersey

My arthritic pain disappeared

I have had the opportunity to use this medicine over the past few years. I have used it in treating my own initial stages of arthritis, osteoarthritis of the neck area, and numerous bruises. In each case I have witnessed the tremendously beneficial effects of the DeepSea Gold™. My arthritic pain disappeared after a few applications, and my bruises disappeared after a few days compared to a few weeks for other products. I even found that DeepSea Gold™ could prevent bruises from appearing if applied in time.

- Dr. Luba Warrack PhD, NC

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